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The burrito bomb scare



burrito bomb scare

burrito bomb scare

burrito bomb scare (photo Ernesto Andrade from San Francisco)

Burrito Bomb

A suspicious package was the cause of an Oklahoma police station having a minor bomb scare. The package turned out to be just a burrito.

It is reported that a thermos was found in the backyard of an Oklahoma City’s resident at 1 p.m. on Thursday. The thermos had foil sticking out of the top and the resident was unsure about its contents. The resident then drove the thermos to the police station.

He was told to leave the thermos outside as a precaution once he informed the police about the story. The contents of the thermos were investigated by the police bomb squad. The police bomb squad used an X-ray device to find that the thermos did not contain an explosive – only a burrito.

Why the burrito was in a thermos, and how it appeared on the resident’s yard is still unclear.

Though a suspicious package can be reason for any resident to be alarmed, the Oklahoma City police department was not happy about the resident’s decision to bring the thermos into the station.

“If you think it might or could be dangerous, you should not touch or move it,” Capt. Dexter Nelson told The Oklahoman. “Call the authorities and we will investigate it there.”

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