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tiger woods lindsey vonn relationship a pr stunt? Gasp!



tiger woods lindsey vonn  relationship a pr stunt?  Gasp!

tiger woods lindsey vonn relationship a pr stunt? Gasp!

Is the Tiger Woods & Lindsey Vonn Romance a Publicity Stunt?

Say it ain’t so? Rumors are now emerging that the romance between world champion skier Lindsey Vonn and golf legend Tiger Woods is a publicity stunt.

The rumors have surfaced only days after both Vonn and Woods made their romance public and affirmed an ongoing friendship of a few years. The Editor in Chief for Scene Magazine Peter Davis believes that Vonn is enamored with Tiger Woods, but is suspicious of Tiger’s motives. It may be that the general public has not yet forgiven Tiger Woods for his many affairs with porn stars, waitresses, and the like.

“I think Lindsey Vonn is cuckoo for dating Tiger Woods,” said Davis. “I just think it’s funny that they were seen on his boat Privacy, because it should be changed to Paparazzi, because no one is going to give them any privacy. And I think it’s a little bit questionable.”

Prior to those revelations, Woods was given great deference in the media and was revered for his ground-breaking skills as the first African-American to win the Master’s Tournament.

As the rumors go, some say Vonn is looking to boost her star potential ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics and Woods is looking for a quick-fix to his badly damaged image.

Others are speculating that if the romance is a stunt, it will backfire on Vonn by tainting her good girl image and further revealing Woods as a womanizer.

In all likelihood, the simplest answer is probably the correct one: Vonn and Woods are in love.

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