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Top 5 House Sitting Services for Canadians (2024)



Top5 Canadian House Sitters

Canada’s vast landscapes and diverse urban environments make it a prime location for homeowners seeking reliable house sitting services. This guide delves into the top 5 house sitting platforms that cater specifically to Canadian needs, highlighting their unique features, costs, and the overall service experience they provide.

1. TrustedHousesitters


TrustedHousesitters has earned a reputation as a top choice for homeowners in Canada, offering an expansive global network that includes a strong presence in the Canadian market. This platform is especially appealing to pet owners, as many of its sitters have specialized skills in pet care.

The platform offers a range of membership plans, including Basic, Standard, and Premium, catering to varying needs and budgets. These plans are priced between $129 and $259 USD, providing a cost-effective solution for comprehensive home and pet care.

One of the standout features of TrustedHousesitters is its focus on reliability and trust. With impressive ratings on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, the platform demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction. It ensures security for homeowners through a thorough vetting process for sitters, enhancing peace of mind.

The user experience is another area where TrustedHousesitters excels. The website is intuitive and easy to navigate, facilitating smooth connections between homeowners and sitters. Additionally, the platform offers robust customer support, further enhancing the overall experience.

For budget-conscious travelers, TrustedHousesitters offers an attractive proposition. The service allows sitters to provide their services in exchange for free accommodation, a feature particularly beneficial for homeowners who travel frequently.

Lastly, the platform fosters a community atmosphere. It encourages transparency and trust among users through a system of two-way reviews. This aspect not only builds a sense of community but also ensures a higher level of accountability and service quality.

In summary, TrustedHousesitters offers a unique blend of global reach, pet-friendly services, user-friendly design, and budget-friendly options, making it a top choice for Canadian homeowners seeking reliable and versatile house sitting services.

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2. House Sitters Canada

House Sitters Canada

House Sitters Canada stands out as a specialized service catering specifically to the Canadian market, offering a wide array of house sitting opportunities across the country. This platform is particularly notable for its focus on the local nuances and needs of Canadian homeowners, providing a service that is both relevant and highly tailored.

Membership for sitters is reasonably priced at $59 CAD annually, with an additional $5 option for enhanced ID verification. This feature boosts the credibility of sitters and adds an extra layer of trust for homeowners. However, it’s important to note that there is currently no ID verification process available for homeowners, which could be a consideration for some sitters.

The platform is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, making the process of finding and connecting with house sitters straightforward and efficient. House Sitters Canada hosts a wide range of opportunities, from urban apartments in Toronto to remote cabins in the Rockies, ensuring that there’s something for every sitter’s preference.

In terms of service quality, House Sitters Canada is recognized for its reliability and the diversity of its listings. The platform provides a secure and convenient way for Canadian homeowners to find trusted individuals to care for their homes, and for sitters to find enjoyable sitting opportunities across the country.

In essence, House Sitters Canada is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a service that combines local expertise, affordable pricing, and a wide range of options, making it a top pick for house sitting services in Canada.

3. House Carers

house carers

House Carers stands out as a globally-oriented house sitting service, offering opportunities that extend to Canada, thereby connecting Canadian homeowners with a diverse pool of sitters from around the world. This international reach is particularly beneficial for those seeking a wide variety of experiences and backgrounds in their house sitters.

For house sitters, House Carers charges a membership fee of $50 USD, while offering free access for homeowners. This pricing model makes it an attractive option for both parties, balancing affordability with access to a broad range of house sitting opportunities.

The service is known for its inclusivity and wide reach, making it a viable choice for Canadian homeowners who prefer a more diverse selection of sitters. House Carers’ global platform allows homeowners in Canada to tap into a vast network of individuals who bring different skills and experiences to their role as house sitters.

In terms of service and usability, House Carers is appreciated for its straightforward and user-friendly interface, facilitating easy connections between homeowners and sitters. The platform’s focus on accessibility and global diversity makes it an appealing choice for those in Canada who are open to inviting international sitters into their homes.

In conclusion, House Carers offers a unique combination of global diversity, affordability, and ease of use, making it a fitting choice for Canadian homeowners seeking a broad selection of house sitting options.

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4. Mind My House

mind my house

Mind My House presents itself as an affordable and accessible global house sitting service, including a strong presence in Canada. The platform’s worldwide reach offers Canadian homeowners an array of options for finding reliable house sitters, appealing to those seeking a cost-effective solution.

Charging a modest $29 USD for a worldwide annual membership, Mind My House stands out for its affordability. This low fee makes it an attractive option for homeowners on a budget, as well as for sitters looking for opportunities without a significant financial commitment.

The platform is known for its broad coverage, allowing Canadian homeowners to connect with sitters from various regions and backgrounds. This diversity enriches the house sitting experience, providing homeowners with a range of skills and experiences to choose from.

In terms of usability, Mind My House is user-friendly and easy to navigate, simplifying the process of finding and arranging house sits. The platform’s straightforward design and cost-effective approach make it a convenient choice for both homeowners and sitters.

In essence, Mind My House is a great option for those seeking an affordable, easy-to-use service with a wide reach, making it a popular choice among Canadian homeowners looking for trustworthy and diverse house sitting arrangements.

5. Pawshake


Pawshake uniquely positions itself in the Canadian house sitting market by primarily focusing on pet sitting, which often includes house sitting as part of the service. This specialization makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who prioritize the care and well-being of their pets.

Unlike traditional house sitting services, Pawshake operates on a pay-per-service model, with no standard membership fee, offering flexibility to both homeowners and sitters. This approach allows homeowners to negotiate and agree on a rate that reflects the specific requirements of their pet and home care needs.

The platform is especially suitable for pet owners who seek a more personalized care approach for their pets. Sitters on Pawshake often have specific experience or a deep passion for animal care, providing peace of mind to homeowners. This pet-centric focus also means that many sitters are willing to tailor their services to accommodate the unique needs of different pets, from dogs and cats to more exotic animals.

In summary, Pawshake stands out for its emphasis on pet care within the house sitting arrangement, offering a flexible payment structure and specialized services for Canadian pet owners seeking reliable care for their pets and homes.

Conclusion: A Service for Every Need

Whether you prioritize global diversity, localized Canadian service, affordability, or pet care, these top 5 house sitting services in Canada offer something for every homeowner. From TrustedHousesitters’ wide selection and House Sitters Canada’s local focus to House Carers’ global reach, Mind My House’s budget-friendly options, and Pawshake’s pet-centric approach, there’s a service to match every requirement and ensure peace of mind while you’re away.

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