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Twins Born Prematurely in Halifax Eight Days Apart



When a mother is expecting twins, the birth of one child is normally followed within a few minutes by the other. But after an expectant mother from Bermuda had incurred a dangerous infection, she was taken to a medical center in Halifax in order to induce labor three months prematurely. As a result, one of her twin boys was born a full eight days later than the other because the delivery procedure proved to be extremely risky both to the health of the newborns as well as their mother.

“Each day that I woke up he was relaxing and playing and having a good old time with the extra space. It was wonderful,” she the new mother, Edonna Bean.

The doctor who was in charge of the special delivery, Dr. Michiel van den Hof, said that having twins be delivered more than a week apart from each other is so rare that he has seen it happen only one other time during the past two decades. When the first of the twins, Emyr Bean, was delivered, doctors noticed that an infection in the mother compromised safe delivery of the second twin immediately. So his brother Esai Bean was not delivered until some 8 days after Emyr’s arrival at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. Although the boys are not identical twins, their mother expressed amazement at how alike they look.

“It’ll just be more birthday celebrations,” Bean said.

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