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Twitter Site Restored After Temporary Outage



Twitter Site Restored After Temporary Outage
Twitter Site Restored After Temporary Outage

Twitters IPO Opens to Immediate SucTwitter Site Restored After Temporary Outage


According to an article posted on IBN Live, social network site Twitter was restored to full service after suffering a major disruption.

The site was apparently offline for at least a full hour on Tuesday. Users of the site who attempted to access it were unable to do so. This applied not only to account holders who were attempting to log on to the site via PC and laptop computers, but also to those who were doing so by mobile apps.

It is still not clear what the exact cause of the outage was. It is also unclear whether the disruption was fully repaired, or was only a symptom of some greater systemic issue that has yet to be properly identified.

At first it was believed that the outage affected only Twitter account holders in India. However, soon enough, complaints were being posted on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Myspace from other areas around the world. It is therefore believed that the disruption of service must have affected Twitter users on a global, rather than purely Indian, basis.

In the end, the disruption of service lasted for only the one brief hour on Tuesday. After service was fully restored, Twitter posted the following message by way of explanation: “Most users were impacted by a service outage when accessing Twitter via web and mobile apps. Service is restored. Thanks for your patience!” Since then, there have been no further incidents or disruptions of service on the site.

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