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Two Commercial planes grounded in Northeast due to smoke



An international flight aboard United Airlines, travelling between Washington, DC and Germany, had to be grounded late Friday when passengers told flight crew that they smelled smoke in the cabin. The plane, which was already enroute to its destination, managed to land safely in Newark, NJ. Over 200 passengers were given overnight accommodations before continuing their travels first thing Saturday, although several crew members asked for medical treatment for smoke inhalation.

The second grounded flight involved a Delta flight scheduled between Philadelphia International Airport and Salt Lake City. A pilot on board that Boeing 737 reported there was smoke in the cockpit before the plane ever received clearance for take-off. Fire was ruled out as the cause of the smoke, which dissolved quickly as the captain returned to the gate. All 150 passengers made it off safely to be rescheduled later in the day on other flights. Neither United Airlines nor Delta Airlines officials commented further about the smoke-filled cabins and whether or not any further investigation had revealed the cause of either incident which luckily caused only a delay in time rather than any injuries. It is not known if the age of either aircraft played a role.

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Two planes grounded in Northeast after smoke fills cabins

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