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Ukraine accuses Russia of seeking third world war



Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

Ukranian Prime Minister: Russia Seeking World War 3

Within the ever heightening rhetoric being traded back and forth between Western governments and Russia over the latter’s invasion of Eastern Ukraine, the prime minister of Ukraine, Arseny Yatseniuk, has made one of the most fiery statements yet, accusing Russia of a desire to start a third world war through the occupation of Ukraine.

After reminding the world is his statement that the events of the second World War had not yet been forgotten, Yatseniuk went on to claim that any attempt on the behalf of Russia to create militarized conflict within Ukrainian borders will inevitably lead to a wider military conflict throughout the whole of Europe.

The Prime Minister continued on in a way very similar to his past statements, once again accusing Moscow of acting in a way befitting of a gangster and supporting terrorist elements within Ukrainian borders. He also made a claim that Russia is trying to remove any sort of elements within the country that are pro-West or pro-Ukrainian in the upcoming elections.

For those who were not keeping track before this whole thing blew up, Yatseniuk took office as the Prime Minister of the Ukraine after the last Prime Minster who was pro-Russia fled the country in the midst of pro-European Union protests after he had made the decision to not join the European Union.

Conversely, Moscow continues to claim that this new Ukrainian government is completely illegitimate and that they are simply moving to protect the Russian people within the country. Russia’s troops continue to get ever close to the border, but still have not crossed over.

– Oil prices up –

Lavrov also complained that during private talks with his US, British and French counterparts he had come under pressure to call back Russian agents from Ukraine’s east.

Ukraine’s acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has vowed to push on with the “anti-terrorist” offensive to put down the rebellion in the east.

“We will not back down from the terrorist threat,” Turchynov said in a televised address Thursday, telling Russia to stop interfering in Ukraine’s internal affairs.

While Obama has ruled out sending US or NATO forces into Ukraine, Washington has begun deploying 600 US troops to boost NATO’s defences in nearby eastern European states.

France also said it was sending four fighter jets to join NATO air patrols over the Baltic states.

The rocketing tensions sent oil prices up for a second day Friday and stocks in Asia lower.

Russia, which supplies gas to Ukraine and to many EU countries, has said it can weather US sanctions, but warned they would trigger a tit-for-tat cycle which no-one would win.

The United States and the European Union have already targeted Putin’s inner circle with visa and asset freezes and imposed sanctions on a key Russian bank.

Further punishment, though, has raised fears among some EU states that diminished Russian gas supplies could undermine a fragile European economic recovery.

Gas supply cuts, though, would also hurt Russia’s economy, which is forecast to go into recession this year.

Standard and Poor’s downgraded Russian debt to the lowest investment grade and kept its outlook negative, citing a risk of increased capital flight.

It said that increased isolation resulting from even tighter sanctions could lead to another downgrade.

Russia saw capital outflows in the first quarter of 2014 double from a year earlier to $50.6 billion (37 billion euros) over the uncertainty created by the Ukraine crisis and fears of greater sanctions.

Russia’s economic development minister, Alexei Ulyukayev, said of the downgrade, according to the Interfax news agency: “It’s clear that it is partly a politically motivated decision, and possibly it is partly a reaction to the real worsening of the macroeconomic situation in which we find ourselves.”

Regardless of any political motivations, the situation in the Ukraine seems to continue to deteriorate every single day, and the entire world waits with baited breath to find out what is going to happen next.

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G7 May Finally Get Tough on Russia as Ukraine Accuses Moscow of Wanting WWIII
The United States, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom, collectively referred to as the G7, have announced that stiffer sanction will be imposed upon Russia for their hostile actions against the Ukraine. Thus far, the sanctions imposed upon Russia have been worthy of ridicule as they have been ineffective at deterring Russia from taking military action against the former Soviet republic. Some commentators have speculated that the wording of the sanctions was so general as to potentially justify further Russian aggression.

The Obama administration imposed independent sanctions on select Russian diplomats by freezing all of their personal US holdings be they physical property, cash, or securities. It was later discovered that not one of the diplomats sanctioned had any US-based assets of any kind. However, this time around the G7 says the measures will be stronger and may be broadcast as early as Monday. In the joint statement of G7 members, the Ukraine was lauded for exhibiting restraint by not escalating the crisis any further than it currently stands. Bear in mind, the Ukrainian military stands no chance against a better equipped Russian military that controls the ground with tanks and thousands of the troops and the skies with their jet fighters. The Ukraine has not attacked Russia largely because to do so would be to commit suicide. Neither has any G7 nation sold the Ukraine body armor, ammunition, or any direct military assistance they could use to defend themselves.

The G7 claims it will punish Russia’s annexation of Crimea by imposing sanctions which will include adverse consequences in economic, trade, and financial areas. Despite much of Moscow’s bluster, they are vulnerable to economic sanctions. However, so is Europe with many countries dependent on Russian oil and natural gas imports. The Ukraine accuses Russia of pursuing a third global war with their military ambitions.

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Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

Ukraine accuses Russia seeking third world war

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