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Voice May Replace Password for Smartphone Banking



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Voice May Replace Password for Smartphone Banking

Voice May Replace Password for Smartphone Banking

Many customers have trouble remembering the PIN numbers and passwords that help them gain access to their bank accounts. But now comes word that mobile apps for banking may soon require a different sort of entry code, the human voice. The technology of voice biometrics, which recognizes the voice of the account user rather than a series of numbers or a specific word, is already being successfully used by certain financial institutions and telecom companies throughout the world. Voice biometrics also makes it much more difficult for computer hackers to steal access codes in order to gain unlawful entry to people’s confidential banking information.

According to representatives from the software communications company marketing the new voice biometrics technology, a person’s voice is as unique to them as is their DNA, the iris of their eye, or their fingerprints, making it almost impossible for anyone to simulate their actual voice in order to break into their financial accounts to steal money. If criminals think that they can merely mimic a person’s voice pattern in order to access their bank accounts, they should think twice. Voice biometrics technicians report that each voice is measured using about 100 different unique characteristics to ensure that the person speaking is the actual account owner.

Businesses in all sectors have been challenged to find a safe, easy and secure way for customers to access their accounts and keep unauthorized users from stealing confidential data. Using the individual’s voice as their password seems a unique solution to the problem. Many customers often express frustration that there are too many numbers and passwords that they have to remember in order to access a variety of accounts they deal with on a daily basis. Banks will be able to store voice print data for added security in accessing records.


Your voice could become your banking password on your smartphone

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