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Water turns into gold claims new study



Water and Earthquakes Can Equal Gold

According to a new theory proposed in the industry magazine Nature Geoscience, an earthquake can produce gold from water. Computer modeling of the effects of an earthquake show a relationship between the accumulation of quartz and gold deposits.

The journal proposes that when an earthquake moves along its fault line it creates numerous smaller fractures that are lubricated with water. The can water contain significant amounts of silica, gold, and carbon dioxide. Several miles underground the intense pressure of the earthquake along with high temperatures causes the water to vaporize, forcing quartz and gold out of the fluids and onto to surrounding surfaces.

However, the amount of gold left after an earthquake is minimal, since the levels of the necessary ingredients are tiny. Estimates suggest that even along an established fault zone, such as New Zealand’s Alpine Fault, it would take 100,000 years to produce a significant amount of gold.

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