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Whale Slaps Canadian Woman in the Face



Whale Slaps Canadian Woman in the Face

Whale Slaps Canadian Woman in the Face

Whale Slaps Canadian Woman in the Face

Whale Slaps Woman in the Face

You’d never expect this to happen while whale watching, but 19-year-old Nova Scotia resident Chelsea Crawford got more than she bargained for when a whale slapped her in the face.

As Crawford was whale watching in Baja California, Mexico with friends, a whale suddenly came up to her. This was not the only whale around, but it was the only one that came up this close. The whale then lifted its fin and sent it crashing down on her face. Crawford was shocked at first, but amusement and laughter soon followed. Crawford and her friends were there hoping to be able to take a few pictures of whales, but this is certainly not what they or anyone else had expected during the outing.

The entire group was utterly surprised but were relieved to find that Crawford had not been severely injured by this incident. Although she did not have suffer any major injuries from the incident, she claims that she was left with a small bruise on her shoulder.

As all of this was happening, Crawford’s friend Taylor Roy happened to have a video camera rolling. This video was uploaded to YouTube shortly after the event, and it has now gone viral with thousands of views.

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