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1800 Flowers Apology: Flower Delivery Service Makes Massive Valentine’s Day Mistake



US couples have been in an up rage since Valentine’s Day, and the broken hearts were not caused by broken dates. 1-800 Flowers, a popular online floral service, bungled its busiest sale time of the year this past week by failing to deliver thousands of products to the intended customers. Additionally, in some cases orders that did make sufficient deliveries were delivered in poor conditions—flowers were found to be dull, wilted, and/or broken. Flower and candy purchasers are more than furious with the company and refused to accept the thousands of apologies 1-800 Flowers sent out on social media outlets Facebook and Twitter.

Customers were unsatisfied with 1-800 Flowers attempts, though, as the apologies seemed to have come too late. The unhappy Valentines purchasers made many attempts to call the customer service hotline at the company; however, the representatives were reported to be unhelpful and in some cases not reachable at all. Frustration only grew with the flower service when customers sent compliant emails and only received automatic answers. The floral service later explained that the recent storm caused back traffic and so deliveries were stalled. Consumers believed that the storm was not an excuse for poor customer service.

Uncertainty is in for the company as diminishing trust from customers proves to lower the value of the service. The disappointment and anger from customers has drastically halted operations. 1-800 Flowers most defiantly has a lot more to do before this online store can recover to its loss of business.