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50 Cent Tries To Kiss Erin Andrews At Daytona (VIDEO)



Daytona 500: 50 Cent’s Kiss Attempt Fails to Start Female Reporter’s Engine

As the NASCAR world tuned into to watch the Daytona 500 Sunday, Fox’s own Erin Andrews was broadcasting live from the pit area in search of the sport’s very popular female driver, Danica Patrick. While cruising in the pit area, Andrews caught the attention of the famous hip-hop artist 50 cent, who was at the event to watch driver Mark Martin race. When Andrews approached 50 cent, to attempt an on air interview, the rapper tried to kiss her on the lips.

In a very awkward motion, Andrews eluded 50 cent’s kiss attempt and then quickly excused her-self to look for Danica Patrick. It was when the rapper continued to follow Andrews that she had to cut away to the show’s host Chris Myers. Later that day, 50 cent tweeted “I wanted to kiss her, so I did.”

Driver Mark Martin, a big fan of 50 cent, made a deal with the rapper before the start of the race. If Martin won the race, then the 50 cent would have to call him-self 55 cent for one whole day. Martin’s No. 55 car came in third place.

50 Cent awkward kiss with Erin Andrews

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