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TV Anchor Fired After First Appearance On Air (VIDEO)



A.J. Clemente video: New TV Anchor Fired After First Appearance On Air

A.J. Clemente video: New TV Anchor Fired After First Appearance On Air

Verbal Slip Costs News Anchor His Job

A newly hired North Dakota news anchorman was fired on Monday morning after uttering an expletive into a live microphone. A.J. Clemente, who was making his KFYR debut on Sunday, used an F-bomb along with another swear word while being introduced to the television audience by his co-anchor.

Clemente struggled through the following moments, stumbling over his words as he talked about himself briefly. He recovered and was able to move on to the news, but the damage had been done. Clemente later tweeted, “That could not have gone any worse.”

Although KFYR is a virtually unknown affiliate of the NBC network, video of the incident quickly spread through social media and YouTube. Monia Hannan, who is the station manager, apologized publically for Clemente’s slip on Facebook, stating that the anchorman would be suspended until the situation had been resolved. The station fired Clemente the next morning.

After the firing, Clemente tweeted, “Unfortunately KFYR-TV has decided to let me go. Thank you to them, and everyone in ND (North Dakota), for the opportunity and everyone for the support.” He went on to joke that he had tripped over his “freaking shoes” right out of the gate.

KFYR broadcasts in Bismarck.

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