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Afraid of A Smelly Food, Alliumphobia Fear of Garlic



Afraid of A Smelly Food, Alliumphobia Fear of Garlic
Afraid of A Smelly Food, Alliumphobia Fear of Garlic

Afraid of A Smelly Food, Alliumphobia Fear of Garlic

Alliumphobia Sufferers Fear Anything Garlic

Some people simply don’t like garlic because it’s a smelly food, but for those who have alliumphobia, they suffer from an extraordinary fear of the onion relative known as the stinking rose.

Present an individual who genuinely suffers from the condition known as alliumphobia, and they are likely to develop certain symptoms merely from being in the presence of garlic. They may start to feel dizzy or as though they are out of control, exhibiting a loss of breath, shakiness and they may even believe that they are dying because they have been exposed to garlic.

Individuals who have alliumphobia may even feel extremely anxious if involved in a conversation with others who bring up the topic of eating and enjoying menu items made using garlic. Anyone who suffers from alliumphobia avoids seeking employment in any type of foodservice operation where they might be exposed to garlic as one of the ingredients used in the kitchen and they generally avoid the fresh produce section of the supermarket or farmers markets where fresh garlic is prominently displayed.

To get rid of alliumphobia and its disturbing symptoms, sufferers can try hypnotherapy sessions to deal with this extreme fear or even try medications which can counteract their symptoms.

If you think alliumphobia is funny, think again.

People suffering from alliumphobia are usually scared of social interactions, what people think of them, or other things that someone wouldn’t normally make a huge deal out of. If not recognized as a problem, alliumphobia could get in between you and your job, your education, your personal relations or your business relations. All joking aside it is very serious and if you find yourself relating to any symptoms in this article or know someone who does, you should seek help for yourself or that person because it is quite likely that alliumphobia is the culprit.

Think you might have alliumphobia? If you open your fridge and see that menacing garlic clove and experience some of these signs, you may want to see someone.

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