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Apple Buys 3D Sensing Computer Technology Firm PrimeSense



Fans of Microsoft’s Xbox, the world’s best-selling gaming system year to year, are familiar with the 3D sensing technology in Xbox Kinect model. The company that provides that technology is Israeli-based PrimeSense. Now, Apple has purchased that company for what is believed to be $350M USD. For its part, Apple is remaining hush-hush about the purchase and what their objective remains with the company.

Analysts believe that Apple is hungry to boost the 3D capabilities of the Apple TV. The most recent edition of the Apple TV was the third generation model released in early 2012. That model had sold six million units by the end of the year. Put another way, rival network appliance maker Roku has sold five million units from the period 2008 to first quarter 2013. However, Roku has several different models it sells concurrently.

Spokeswoman Kristin Huguet confirmed the purchase to reporters, but didn’t say what Apple plans to do with its acquisition.
“Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans,” she said, according to Bloomberg.

Speculation is rife over what possibilities this acquisition opens up to Apple. Again, the conventional wisdom is that Apple will be able to add 3D motion sensing to the Apple TV. However, analysts speculate that PrimeSense could add impressive capabilities to the iPhone at a time when Apple has fallen behind rival Samsung in both sales and technology in the smartphone market. Also, Apple’s often-discussed iWatch could also find great application for 3D capabilities.

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