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Body of College Student Found Decomposing in the Dorm



Chicago, Illinois – Police confirmed the body of 20-year-old Nicholas Barnes was discovered in a state of heavy decomposition in his campus dorm room of the International House at the University of Chicago. It isn’t know how long he had been in that condition, but it was long enough for the decomposition to be in full swing. The Chicago Tribune is reporting that students began to voice displeasure over the foul odor coming from Barnes’ dorm room. In response, a student entered the room and found the body lying prostrate on the floor.

The discovery was made at 4:15PM Saturday and 45 minutes later he was confirmed dead. According to school officials, Barnes was in his junior year working towards a degree in Germanic Studies. According to the Dean of Students, Barnes was excelling at academics, admired by both students and faculty alike and will be greatly missed. However, for someone who was greatly missed it is curious that he could do something out of character such as fail to attend classes and not raise any concern for his whereabouts. It wasn’t any of his fellow students or instructors that are known to have raised questions regarding his sudden tardiness.

The cause of death is not known at this time. The coroner has ordered a toxicology report. However, police do not suspect that there was any foul play involved. Funeral preparations are being made to inter the body in his childhood city of Pittsburgh. The university is cooperating in efforts to discover what happened to him.