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Walmart Shooting Was In Self-Defense Say Police



A fight inside a Walmart store in Chandler, Arizona led to a shooting. The victim of the shooting was transported to the hospital where he later died. Law enforcement officials watched video surveillance tapes to piece together the incident. Police spokesperson, Joseph Favazzo, reported that the person responsible for the shooting fled the scene soon after the shots were fired.

A family member of the shooter contacted police with his whereabouts shortly after the incident. Police apprehended him, and he was taken to the police station for questioning. Law enforcement officials said the man is fully cooperating with the investigation. He had not been placed under arrest at the time of the reports. There was no indication as to whether he might be charged at a later time with manslaughter or murder in light of the man’s death.

It is unclear how the altercation began and whether the shooting may have been in self-defense. When reporters called the Walmart store, an employee said that she was instructed not to talk about the fight or the shooting. There was a store sign in the window that stated it would be closed until the following morning.

The man who is responsible for the shooting is reported to be 25-years-old. The shooting victim was 36-years-old. Police have not released the identity of the man pending notification of family members about his death. No one else was reported injured in the altercation. Police officers said they did not expect to have any further information about the Walmart fight until Monday morning.


According to report from the AP, 25-year-old Kyle wayne Quadlin shot Charles Belinte Chee In self defense.

According to Chandler police, Kyle Wayne Quadlin, 25, shot Kriston Charles Belinte Chee, 36, following a fight at a service counter Sunday afternoon.

Detectives reviewing surveillance video report the two men fought in the store before the shooting Sunday afternoon.

Quadlin told police he pulled his gun in self-defense.

“Mr. Quadlin was losing the fight and indicated he ‘was in fear for his life,’ so he pulled his gun and shot Mr. Belinte Chee,” police said in a statement.

Belinte Chee was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead, police said. Investigators said the pair did not know each other before the shooting.

Authorities said Quadlin remained at the store for a little while following the shooting and then fled. Police found him after a family member called authorities to report his whereabouts.

Quadlin was not booked in the case and Chandler police said they will submit their investigation for review to the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Walmart spokeswoman Dianna Gee says the retailer is working with police to provide them any information they might find useful. She said the company’s “thoughts and prayers are with all of those involved.”

In the meantime, Walmart said it is sending crisis counselors to the store to talk with employees.

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