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Boy George weight loss: Singer Now Trim And Slim (photo)



Boy George weight loss: Singer Shows Trim And Slim

Boy George weight loss: Singer Shows Trim And Slim

Fifty-one year old star Boy George posted a tweet lately that is getting a lot of attention in social media. The singer shocked fans when he posted a photo of himself on Twitter, looking like he had lost a large amount of weight recently. A tagline that read Rock and Roll Sunday accompanied the photo.

He much thinner look makes him appear more like when he was younger and shot to fame in the 1980s. The singer credits his new, slimmer look to a diet program called Freer Nutrition. He called the program his weight loss secret.

The Culture Club singer has been tweeting the progress in his weight loss journey quite frequently. He regularly posts things such as the healthy meals he prepares himself, what workouts he enjoys, and other healthy lifestyle tips. His most recent tweet concerning the matter said that he loved the fact that the size of his butt was trending around the globe.