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Toko Ono Turns 80: Reveals New Music



Toko Ono Turns 80: Reveals New Music

Toko Ono Turns 80: Reveals New Music

Musical Celebration for Yoko Ono’s 80th Birthday

Artist and musician Yoko Ono was in Germany to perform at the Volkesbuhne in Berlin just in time to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Ono is the widow of Beatle John Lennon, who was gunned down by a stalker as he walked with his wife into their New York apartment at The Dakota in 1980.

According to USA Today, Ono was also in Germany to help premiere her newest retrospective art show entitled “Half-a-wind” in Frankfurt.

During her musical performance in Berlin, she was accompanied by her son with Lennon, Sean Ono Lennon, leader of the Plastic Ono Band.

Ono expressed amazement that she had reached the age of 80, saying that she feels that she still hasn’t accompanied enough in this lifetime. Although Ono has often been criticized as the main reason The Beatles group disbanded, surviving member Paul McCartney says that nothing could be further from the truth and that Lennon’s wife was the main source of his musical inspiration.

In an email to the Huffington Post, Ono expressed her birthday wish.

“To stay alive, healthy and wise, and dance together in peace and love. yoko.”

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