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britney spears sauna suit: Star Sweats It Out In Space-Aged Sweat Suit



britney spears sauna suit
britney spears sauna suit

britney spears sauna suit

Britney spears sauna suit


Britney Spears was recently spotted hitting the gym in style, according to Nicole Eggenberger of USMagazine; Spears was seen heading home after a workout on Wednesday March 12 wearing a bizarre sauna suit top. The 32 year old singer wore a long sleeve silver shirt accompanied by gray sweat-pants in Thousand Oaks, California. The design of the workout allows the wearer to sweat profusely during the exercise period.Proponents of the sauna-suit claim that as the body sweats to defuse heat; the suit rids the body of toxins while enhancing metabolism. Brittney was accompanied by her boyfriend David Lucado; she had her messy long red hair pushed back. Lucado, on the other hand, opted to wear a simple black T-shirt instead of a matching sauna suit.

According to the UK Daily Mail reporters Louise Saunders and Mike Larkin, the popular frugal musician has a vast fortune, but she seems not too keen to want to flaunt her wealth as she does her body. The relatively reserved Britney has had to keep her shape-up, in-spite if her busy schedule; that has seen her preoccupied with intensive dance performances at her Vegas residency in Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino.

The relationship between Spear and Lucado is moving on so well, adds the Daily Mail. Spear is indeed rumored to be planning to marry David Lucado or Dave as he is popularly known. The singer was previously married to a backup dancer Kevin Federline with whom she bore two sons Jayden and Sean.

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