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6 Great Ways to Promote Your New Product



So, you have developed a fabulous new product and want to shout it from the rooftops-if only you could do just that! Fortunately, there are more acceptable ways to tell people about your latest baby. Here are 6 great ways to promote your new product.

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Post on Social Media

Social media is a highly effective way to reach consumers in every country in the world – where else can you achieve such vast exposure. Join social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In, and Twitter to post an article showcasing your new product. You may want to
Post photographs of the product with a description or use a more eye-catching form of media such as video. A A corporate marketing video will show your product in all its glory. A video reaches out to people better than anything. They can see the product from all angles, hear a narrative about it, learn how it is used, and hopefully retain its image and video music in their heads more than they would a photograph or a blog.

Reward Loyal Customers

If you are an established business, chances are you already have a customer following. Since you would be nowhere without your customers, reward those that have shown loyalty to your company. You could give them an exclusive preview of your new product by hosting a celebratory night at your store or a stylish venue. Make the product your star guest and show off its attributes to your guests as you wine them and dine them.

Offer loyal customers early access to your new product and give them an early bird discount if they buy it before the official public launch.

Embrace All Forms of Media

Before the internet and social media, businesses advertised their products in other ways such as on television, radio, newspapers, and magazines. These methods of advertising are still highly effective.

A tv ad can reach homes all over the country. Ensure your advert is creative, original, enjoyable, and has an element that will make it stick in people’s minds, such as a funny character or a catchy jingle. Air your advert when it will reach the appropriate audience or during the showing of a tv show relevant to your product. For example, if your product is a new type of paint, arrange to air the commercial during a home makeover show.

Using radio to promote your product can be useful but obviously not visual like TV. If your product is still strong without visual advertising, consider airing a radio commercial that will reach a chosen audience for a fraction of the cost of a television commercial.

Newspapers and magazines are great for slamming readers with a vibrant, impactful picture of your product. A visually stunning full-page advert won’t go unnoticed.

Find a Fan

As you are still trading, you obviously have stood up against the competition and planted your business feet firmly in the ground – you will have customers who like your products. Perhaps you have an influential celebrity who likes to use your products. Contact suitable people and ask if they would be happy to endorse your work and become an ambassador. If a famous person promotes your product, this will appeal to customers who are fans of this person, and they will think it’s awe-inspiring that this superstar loves your company. This works exceptionally well if you sell beauty products. Consumers will believe that using the face cream endorsed by a beautiful actress will keep them looking young and beautiful too. If you don’t have a willing ambassador, it won’t hurt to buy one!


Suppose you have a product that has to be used in a certain way that might need to be explained, such as an electrical kitchen appliance, or a product that produces a visual change to the way an object or a customer looks, such as makeup. In that case, it may be beneficial to give a public demonstration of your product.

Set up a stall at a trade show and perform live demonstrations of your product. Arrange to showcase your goods at your local shopping mall, Christmas Fayre, or expo. If you have the financial resources, apply to fill a slot on QVC or other shopping television channels.

Get Your Product Out There 

Send free samples of your new product to influential people who write for magazines, newspapers, and blogs, or those with YouTube channels. If such people use your product and like it, they might sing the praises of the product and spread the good word.

Tomas Carbry possesses a decade of journalism experience and consistently upholds rigorous standards. His focus areas include technology and global issues.