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What Does the Future of Business Travel Look Like?



The world has faced some distinct challenges in recent times, bringing global travel to almost a complete halt. Gradually, things will return to something like normal, though, and international travel will be a reality once again. How will business travel be affected, though, and will there be a substantial change in habits? Here’s what the future of business travel might look like.

Business Travel is Still Important

We have some amazing technology these days that can make you feel like you’re almost sitting in the room with someone thousands of miles away. The key word here, though, is “almost.”

Sometimes almost isn’t enough, and when you’re closing big business deals, you want to look someone in the eye and speak to them in the flesh. The personal aspect will always be there, and business travel will always play a part in this. Business travel might be changing, but it’s still going to play a role in many different scenarios.

Greater Budget Oversights

The days of endless business travel expenses have passed. Post-pandemic, budgets will be tight, and business travel will be one area that faces a lot of scrutinies. Services that allow businesses to make more intelligent use of their travel budget will play an important role, giving greater oversight of where their money is being spent. This is an important part of maintaining the relevance of business travel.

Companies can no longer justify huge travel expenses in the face of environmental concerns and economic challenges, so each trip has to offer a return on investment.

Technology Will Continue to Get Better

Technology gets better by the day, particularly when it comes to communication. This makes it much easier to do international business and will continue to have an impact on your travel plans.

Nothing can replace a face-to-face meeting where you get to know your client in person, but not every interaction needs this level of intimacy. The more technology improves, the more you will have to weigh up the value of making an international trip. If the benefits aren’t there, then technology is a more than adequate second choice.

Public Opinion Will Continue to Change

How the public views your organization is important, and your travel habits can play into this. If your business is eager to demonstrate its green credentials, then it’s hard to justify hundreds of thousands of air miles undertaken by your employees. Public opinion counts, and when it comes to travel, the excess is not viewed in a good light.

As travel becomes greener, this might well change, but for now, it’s important that your business is conscious of its carbon footprint, and travel will play a part in this. Big businesses have the ability to make positive change, and it might seem like a small step, but bringing business travel under control can make a difference.

It’s about finding balance, and businesses will have to learn how to weigh up the merits of each trip if they’re to achieve this.

Tomas Carbry possesses a decade of journalism experience and consistently upholds rigorous standards. His focus areas include technology and global issues.