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Canada Carbon Sees Shares Jump By 17%



download (6)Canada Carbon, an acquisition firm that explores the different properties of minerals that is based in Vancouver, revealed the results of a test today of a lab testing that have been conducted by the Evans Analytical Group. The test was to look at the high purity potential of hydrothermal graphite. EAG chose to use Raman spectroscopy in order to arrive at their results. The method is able to define how crystal like an element such as graphite can be. Their report found that the Raman spectrum they arrived at was for a crystal of Miller graphite and they found that it was the highest quality that has been found yet by EAG.

The bench scale tests for the dispersion behavior of the same Miller graphite revealed that it is indeed of a high purity and that the Miller graphite has a very crystalline nature. This means that there are many potential applications that this graphite could be used for. Immediately following the announcement shares in Canada Carbon jumped up by 17% settling in at $.275 per share. This is great news for the company as they just announced that they had completed the share evaluations in order to reach a debt settlement.