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Canadian Terror Plot: Suspects Deny Allegations



Canadian Terror Plot: Suspects Deny Allegations

Canadian Terror Plot: Suspects Deny Allegations

Canadian Terror Plot: Suspects Deny Allegations

One of the suspects accused in the al-Qaeda linked Canadian terror plot will be back in court on Wednesday.

There was a procedural foul up on Tuesday, so 30 year old Chiheb Esseghaier from Montreal is scheduled back in Toronto Wednesday morning.

The CBC is reporting that the RCMP had been tracking this guy for almost a year and even followed him on an Air Canada flight to Cancun where he was attending a bio-medical conference. The suspect ‘s behaviour on the plane was described as erratic.

It’s not clear if anything is imminent but it would appear more arrests are expected in the Via Rail train bombing plot.

That’s the word from NewsTalk1010 commentator and National Post reporter Christie Blatchford who writes that the two men arrested Monday “aren’t only alleged terror suspects, but also allegedly keen extremist recruiters with associates in other countries.”

There were earlier stories that the RCMP got onto these two men because of a Toronto-area imam who told them that the Toronto man, Raed Jaser was espousing extremist views to younger Muslims. Blatchford’s sources say the RCMP’s Project Smooth “was already well underway by the time the imam called police.”

The Globe and Mail reports that sources say more suspects are being investigated in connection with the plot. A third man in the U.S. was already questioned by the FBI this week according to their sources.

Meanwhile the Wall Street Journal says the arrests in the train bombing plot were prompted by the Boston marathon bombings. The RCMP wanted to move right away while the FBI asked them to hold off because they hadn’t completed their end of the investigation.

CTV news is reporting that there are at least two other suspects in the New York area under FBI surveillance, but they do not pose an imminent threat.

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