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Cat Bearding Images Becomes Latest Internet Meme



Cat Bearding Images Becomes Latest Internet Meme

Cat Bearding Images Becomes Latest Internet Meme

Cat Bearding Becomes Latest Internet Meme

Move over Street Fighting Hadouken meme and possibly even Kitty filming meme to make room for the latest internet meme: cat bearding images.

This latest craze involves taking a photograph of one’s face with a cat’s head snuggled up to one’s nose so that the feline’s nose and jaw appear to be part of one’s own face in a beard-like manner – hence the name “cat bearding”. The craze is true to the internet meme-ing tradition: interesting, chic, imitable, and pointless. Beyond creating a cool picture, what would be the purpose of cat bearding or even executing a Hadouken punch for that fact? However, those memes are responsible for generating quite a bit of internet traffic and becoming an interesting topic of conversation.

In fact, it leads to what are no doubt some fond memories. The world would truly be a much better place with more “cat bearding” and less drug use, no? How popular is the trend? A simple stroll through Google images will reveal a healthy number of pictures of cat lovers of both genders sporting their cuddly cat beards. This may be the one time when facial hair is in vogue for women of all ages.

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