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Charlie Sheen Offers Advice To Toronto Mayor Rob Ford



Rob Ford Claims He was Issued Bomb Threat

Charlie Sheen Offers Advice To Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Charlie Sheen Offers Advice To Toronto Mayor Rob FordStorm (Twitter)

Charlie Sheen Says Toronto Mayor Comments Misquoted

It takes one to know one. Actor Charlie Sheen denies that he made comments during a recent newspaper interview in which he allegedly says that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should resign. Sheen is on location in Toronto for his next film, “Scary Movie 6”. The story in LaPresse newspaper contends that Sheen thinks Mayor Ford is spending too much of his time in party mode, although Sheen admits he is the least likely person to be judging another individual regarding his choice of addictions.

During the interview, Sheen recalls that even during the height of his drug addictions, he never was a high as Rob Ford. One particularly memorable episode occurred in Las Vegas when he was in a hotel suite with four lingerie models and the effects of four grams of drugs had convinced Sheen that he could remodel the hotel room with his bare hands.

“There was this one time in Vegas when I took four Victoria’s Secret models and did one gram off each of their bodies within, like, 45 minutes. I declared myself King of Vegas and decided to remodel my hotel room with my bare hands to resemble King Louis XIV’s bedroom at Versailles. Knocked down two entire walls, and later had four knuckle surgeries. Still wasn’t as high as Rob Ford.

Sheen goes on to say that he believes that Ford, judging by his recent videotaped outrageous actions, should ask for some kind of help.

“This guy needs help. I’m not saying he needs counseling or AA or rehab or anything like that. Everyone gets better in different ways. But, yeah, I think he should at least resign and figure out what kind of help is right for him. It’s one thing if you’re an actor, but public servants should be held to a higher standard.”

Sheen has subsequently sent Ford a tweet insisting he never called for his resignation and offering to extend whatever help that Ford needs in dealing with media criticism.

He posted on Twitter: “Dear Mayor Rob Ford, the only truth or correct reporting in today’s repulsive story regarding my alleged comments about you, is the accurate spelling of your great city.

“Your personal life is and never would be, any of my business. I’m sorry for any grief this may have caused. If I can be of any assistance in any capacity in this media cesspool, please accept the noble offer of my steady hand and compassionate heart. respectfully, charlie sheen.”

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