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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sees Approval Rating Drop But Just Slightly



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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sees Minor Approval Rating Drop

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sees Minor Approval Rating Drop

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Sees Minor Approval Rating Drop

Toronto, Ontario – The polling firm known as the Forum Research poll, which does polling exclusively for the Toronto Sun newspaper, is reporting that Mayor Ford’s approval rating dipped slightly in January to 43% with a full 57% disapproving of his work. When asked if they would vote for his reelection, only 37% of respondents affirmed they would. It should be noted that the once popular mayor has suffered in the polls over his cocaine scandal. Openly supporting Ford carries with it the stigma of approving of his highly questionable behavior.

That said, Mayor Ford has displayed tenacity against calls for his resignation which came from various parts of the world. Toronto is a major world city and carries with it considerably more prestige than Regina does. However, when pitting Ford against possible challengers only NDP MP Olivia Chow has been shown to be a tough challenger. The embattle mayor has performed well against other possible candidates. What is indicates is that while voters are not happy about the mayor’s drug-related behavior, they may just vote to give him another term in office if he can demonstrate he’s worthy of it. Given his sheer tenacity, look to Mayor Ford to make that case regardless of what emerges about his drug past.

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