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Jillian Michaels Breaks Rules On The Biggest Loser, Not Sorry Either



Jillian Michaels a trainer on the  Biggest Loser

Jillian Michaels a trainer on the Biggest Loser

On Tuesday night, fans of “The Biggest Loser,” an American reality TV contest show about healthy eating choices and fitness that awards the biggest weight loser, were shocked to learn of purported cheating.

The host revealed that Jillian Michaels broke well-known rules by giving the White Team caffeine supplements last week without physician authorization, reports ABC News.

“Before you all step on the scale, there is something important that needs to be addressed,” host Alison Sweeney warned. “Last week, Jillian broke the rules and gave caffeine supplements to each member of her team without doctor’s permission.

Contestants in “The Biggest Loser” are permitted unlimited amounts of dietary caffeine, but medicines and supplements have to be approved.

Although some believe Michaels cheated to give her team an energy advantage, she contends that she chose the caffeine supplements because they’re healthier than coffee.

“I stand by my opinion.” Michaels said. “A caffeine supplement is significantly healthier than unlimited amounts of coffee. My only regret is that my team, they are the ones suffering the consequences of my professional opinion.”

As a result of her decision, the last week’s weigh-in was invalidated and the White Team received a one pound per person penalty.

In addition, last week’s ousted contestant Ruben Studdard received permission to return to the show and the Blue Team under Bob Harper received restored immunity.

Online polls since the announcement suggest that fans, although happy about Studdard’s return, believe that only Jillian Michaels should have been punished for her decision.

Some Fans and critics of the show have also started to question whether this “scandal” is real or an event designed to drum up ratings.

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