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clint bowyer lawsuit over unpaid custom detailing



NASCAR Driver Fights Lawsuit for Unpaid Custom Detailing

NASCAR race star Clint Bowyer is taking the lawsuit against him seriously and is fighting back. The case does not involve his race car nor NASCAR at all.

A local company, Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, claims that it did $31,000 of custom detailing for a motorcycle owned by Bowyer which bill remains unpaid. They are asking a judge in Mitchell, South Dakota, to award them the unpaid money plus interest of 18%. Bowyer is claiming that he had a deal with the business to receive the custom detailing in exchange for promotional services given his star power.

Bowyer is asking for a dismissal on grounds that Oklahoma does not have jurisdiction in the matter. Bowyer says he reached the agreement with Klock Werks Kustom Cycles in Arizona, purchased the motorcycle in Minnesota, and took possession of it in North Carolina. An attorney for Bowyer said he never entered Oklahoma with the vehicle in question.

Bowyer says he offered numerous services to the owner of the company which were done in exchange for the detailing which included: passes to the NASCAR Daytona race with restricted access, a personal photo op with the owner and his guests, a four-hour photo shoot of Bowyer and the motorcycle, and a feature of Bowyer with the motor cycle on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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