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jack nicholson sells aspen home



jack nicholson sells aspen home

jack nicholson sells aspen home

Actor Nicholson Sells Historic West Aspen Home

A Victorian home in the West End of Aspen, jointly owned by actor Jack Nicholson and record producer Lou Adler, has been sold for $11 million, four million less than its asking price. Nicholson and Adler purchased the almost 6,000 square foot home in 1980, seven years before it was added to the National Register of Historic Homes. Officially known as the Newberry House, the mansion was the long-time residence of attorney and judge William Shaw.

When the house became available for sale after Shaw’s death, Nicholson and Adler decided to pool their funds to purchase it because the homes in Aspen already owned by both gentlemen could not get decent television reception.

The West Aspen house became a favorite gathering place for both Nicholson and Adler and their family and friends to gather to watch sporting events like Los Angeles Laker basketball games. Nicholson is among the world’s most rabid supporters of the Laker team.

In addition to having five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the Newberry House also features a carriage house on its quarter acre plot of land and a porch that wraps completely around the first floor. Neither Nicholson or Adler ever used the house as their primary residence, but it served its purpose as an entertainment center with good TV reception.

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