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lindsay lohan drinking again: reports



lindsay lohan drinking again

lindsay lohan drinking again

lindsay lohan drinking again

Rehab Sentence of No Concern To Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan was recently sentenced to 90 days lockdown in a Rehab Facility, but despite the court ordered sentencing, Lohan was seen just hours later, drinking in the bar of the hotel she was staying. Later in the week, Lindsay Lohan was also seen at a club, Fluxx, drinking vodka on the rocks served in a carafe to not expose any alcohol bottles.

Despite Lohan’s many run-ins with law enforcement, she still does not believe she has a substance abuse problem. Even through this most recent court proceeding, Lohan is still in denial. Prior to the beginning of her sentencing, Lohan is scheduled to shoot an appearance on Charlie Sheen’s new sitcom Anger Management.

Sheen has helped Lohan in the past, in hopes of saving her from herself. Sheen feels that because of his bouts of substance abuse problems, that he may be able to mentor Lohan. Last year Sheen provided Lohan with money to pay a tax lien. Charlie Sheen believes that Lindsay Lohan has not had the guidance that she needs to be able to overcome her problems of late. The two actors formed a strong bond while filming the fifth sequel parody hit Scary Movie.