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Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters Heading To the U.S. From Cuba



Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters

Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters

Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters

Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters In Two Separate Incidents

Rafters adrift on the high seas recently had cruise ships from two major carriers rescue them, although it is still unclear how the individuals aboard the rafts came to be stranded in the middle of the ocean.

One incident happened off the coast of Florida when the Carnival Cruise ship “Conquest” reported that it picked up 13 people who had been adrift on a raft. The unlucky travelers had reportedly set sail from Cuba. In a second incident, the Disney Cruise ship “Wonder” managed to save 8 people who were drifting aboard a raft off the coast of Key West, Florida. Disney officials did not disclose where the drifters had originally sailed from but reported that each was receiving medical attention along with hot meals and beverages.

“We are happy to have come to the aid of these individuals and to support the long-established tradition among the global maritime community of providing assistance to mariners in distress,” Carnival President and Chief Executive Gerry Cahill said in a statement.

News of the rescued rafters has been the only positive news about the cruise ship industry in recent months.

Earlier this year, a Carnival Cruise ship was stranded for five days causing deplorable shipboard conditions until travelers could be towed into port, while another episode had a Carnival ship, “Fascination”, failing to receive an approved rating after a surprise health inspection by the Center for Disease Control found flies, cockroaches and other unsanitary conditions.

Cruise Ships Rescue Rafters

Cruise ships rescue 21 rafters