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Dad To Pay Daughter $200 to quit Facebook For Five Months



Dad To Pay Daughter $200 to quit Facebook For Five Months

Dad To Pay Daughter $200 to quit Facebook For Five Months

Father agrees to Pay Daughter $200 to Deactivate Facebook

Apparently, even children can be bought off at the right price.

One Boston dad has reached a deal with his 14-year-old daughter; a deal that will result in the closing of her Facebook account, possibly for good.

Paul Baier, a research consultant, negotiated the terms and conditions with his daughter for the deactivation of her Facebook account. And then, according to Baier’s blog, he posted an image of the written agreement on the social networking site.

“Her idea which I support fully,” he wrote.

The posted image was titled “Facebook Deactivation Agreement.”

The agreement states that his daughter agrees to close or deactivate her Facebook account from February to the end of June 2013, and will cost Braier $200. Coincidentally, the date covers the summer break months of most schools.

Braier’s blog post has been received with mixed reaction. Some people have praised him and commend the idea:

Good for you and your daughter Paul. You sound like the type of dad I hope to be one day, voluntary agreements / contracts with children for what is “the right thing” … when I grew up there was no such thing as social media so us kids played outside with each other and gained valuable life skills. I think that’s missing from today’s younger generations and it’s necessary for good and proper development.

Others have belittled his parenting skills or lack of skill.

One commenter on his blog posted:

“You’re an idiot, Paul. Why not try something called “parenting”. It’s more difficult than bribery but will more beneficial to your daughter in the long run. Otherwise, she sounds like a spoiled brat and that’s your fault.”

Braier is suprised by the attention the agreement has received but hopes other families are inspired to do the same.

“We are very surprised by all the media interest, but this was not the goal. Hopefully this will inspire a few other dad/daughter to consider a similar hiatus.”

What do you think about the agreement. Would you consider drafting a similar agreement for your child…or spouse?