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Baby Thought To Be Dead Wakes Before Cremation



The fallout continues at the Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital following an incident where a child born with a congenital malformation of the respiratory system was taken off of life support at the behest of the physician. The child is an infant boy not quite one month old. The official death certificate was signed, and the child’s body was dispatched to a funeral home in Hefei, the capitol of the Anhui province, where the body was scheduled for cremation.

Employees at the funeral parlor were alerted by what they believed were the cries of an infant and discovered that they boy was still alive. He was rushed back to the hospital where he remains of life support for what are termed “humanitarian” reasons.

According to Yahoo news, it was unclear how long he had been at the funeral parlour, or when his cremation had been due.

There is no prognosis that the child will live much longer though. As of Wednesday evening, the lad was still alive.

‘It was when the funeral-home staff made a routine check on the body before it was to be cremated that the baby emitted a tiny cry,’ said a police spokesman.

‘The shocked funeral worker scooped the child up in his arms screaming ‘‘it’s alive!’”

An investigation has now been launched at the hospital to determine how a living child could be sent off for cremation. The attending physician has been suspended and a nurse lost her employment. More fallout may occur as the investigation is only in its initial stages.

Users of China’s weibo microblogging services have certainly shared their feelings of outrage toward both the hospital staff and the parents saying that the doctors are “simply treating patients’ lives with utter disregard” and that the parents should spend “five years in jail for abandonment”.

“Please sentence the parents to five years in jail for abandonment,” said one poster on Thursday.

Another wrote: “Doctors with white coats are really irresponsible, simply treating patients’ lives with utter disregard.”

Last month, a woman visiting a relative’s grave in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was shocked to see a man crawl out of a grave.

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