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Dead Baby Wakes Before Cremation in China: Listed In Critical Condition



The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster for one Chinese couple after their baby was found alive at a funeral home before being cremated, reports The Daily Mail.

The baby boy was born less than a month ago with congenital respiratory issues. On November 12th, the couple decided to stop his medical treatment at Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital in eastern China.

The hospital issued a death certificate and the baby was transferred to a funeral home in the capital city, Hefei.

There’s no information on how long the baby was there awaiting cremation, but at some point the staff was alerted to a mistake when the baby began to cry.

“Because the baby still had life signs, we continued to give him transfusion to maintain his life for humanitarian reasons,” a hospital staff said.

The baby was immediately transferred back to the hospital this Wednesday where he is currently receiving medial care. The hospital has started an investigation on the incident and has suspended a doctor from working and laid off a nurse.

Due to the ongoing investigation, more information has not yet been made public, though users of China’s weibo microblogging services have certainly shared their feelings of outrage toward both the hospital staff and the parents saying that the doctors are “simply treating patients’ lives with utter disregard” and that the parents should spend “five years in jail for abandonment”.

“Please sentence the parents to five years in jail for abandonment,” said one poster on Thursday.

Another wrote: “Doctors with white coats are really irresponsible, simply treating patients’ lives with utter disregard.”

Last month, a woman visiting a relative’s grave in Sao Paolo, Brazil, was shocked to see a man crawl out of a grave.

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