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Demand for Sony PS4 Remains Strong Three Months After Christmas Rush



Sony Increases Price of PlayStation 4 in Canada

Sony Increases Price of PlayStation 4 in Canada

Demand for Sony PS4 Remains Strong Three Months After Christmas Rush

Fans of the latest Sony PlayStation called PS4 are still finding it difficult purchase the unit roughly three months after the Christmas rush ended. In fact, Sony confirms that it has been unable to meet the strong demand in Europe and the United States. However, over the next three months, they expect to have PS4 supplies to approach what they term is a “full supply situation”.

Rival Microsoft, which has held the record as the top selling game console for several years with the Xbox line of gaming systems, has been absolutely smoked by the PS4. To date, Sony has sold in excess of six million units of the PS4 since it was formally released in Japan. Compare that with Microsoft’s Xbox One which has sold an impressive albeit distant 3 million units.

Microsoft has put on a brave face by claiming that the road to a top selling gaming console is akin to a marathon which is run at a well-timed gait. The analogy sounds good, but given the fact that they long ago bested the Nintendo brand of game consoles and were the annual victor in sales, their comment is just facing saving. It would take an incredible surge in demand for the Xbox to catch up to the PS4 anytime soon.

However, Microsoft claims that is exactly what will occur with the killer game called Titanfall, a mechanized shoot up game. Time will tell if a single game, however popular it may be, will make not only allow them to boost Xbox One sales, but to do so at a rate that catches up to the PS4. Bear in mind, demand for the PS4 has not waned. Neither has Sony shown sign of resting on the PS4 laurels. The release of the game “inFAMOUS: Second Son” promises to keep PS4 demand strong if not increase it further.


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