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Dog Eats $500, Man Asks Treasury to Refund



Dog Eats $500 2

Dog Eats $500 2

Man Asks Treasury to Refund $500 Eaten by Dog

Wayne Klinkel’s dog Sundance either got really hungry or really bored during a trip with Klinkel and his wife to visit their daughter and promptly ate $500 in paper money that was left with him in the car.

Klinkel’s heart sank when he returned to the vehicle and noticed that only a one dollar bill remained from the pile of cash he knows he left in the automobile alone with Sundance, who has a history of chewing most anything he comes across.

“I thought ‘You dumb SOB,’” Klinkel tells the Independent. “I couldn’t believe he did that.”

“Sundance is notorious for eating anything and everything, so right away I knew what happened,” Klinkel said.

The quick thinking Klinkel stood guard and retrieved the dog’s feces over the next two days in order to retrieve what was left of the paper currency.

The Montana resident reconstructed as much of the money as he could prior to sending it with an explanatory note to officials at the U.S. Bureau of Printing and Engraving, asking them to exchange the chewed currency for his original $500.

“I pretty much recovered two fairly complete bills, and had some other pieces,” Klinkel said. “But it wasn’t nearly enough there to do anything with it.”

According to the law, if more than 50% of the paper currency remains, Klinkel is entitled to exchange those destroyed for new money but that process could take as long as 24 months.

In the meantime, Treasury officials report that a currency examiner has been assigned to the case of the dog-eaten dollars.

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