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Mad Men recap: Season 6 Premire



Mad Men recap: Season 6 Premire

Mad Men recap: Season 6 Premire

Mad Men recap: Season 6 Premire

Recap of Season Six of “Mad Men”

The sixth and penultimate season of “Mad Men” is now underway. Businessman & womanizer Don Draper successfully proves that a leopard cannot change it’s spots much to the not-surprise of viewers. The new season kicks off during the holidays in 1967 and Don is feeling “adrift” during a working-vacation to Hawaii with Megan.

It’s a wonder that someone so intelligent in business matters cannot draw a simple cause and effect between his lack of commitment to his wife and a sense of aimlessness. In one scene, Don goes to the bar to drink his sorrows away in his stylish manner and strikes up a conversation with a GI.

The character is PFC Dinkins who is on “rest and relaxation” from his tour of service in Vietnam.

PFC Dinkins explains that he is going to get married in the morning and somehow manages to get Don to walk his bride down the aisle. Upon his return, Don tries to sell investors on a Hawaiian resort but can’t quite close the deal. That leaves him wondering if he is losing his touch.

Don later goes to the funeral service for Roger’s late mother where he takes ill and regurgitate. The opening episode ran for two hours. “Mad Men” airs Sundays on the AMC network.

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