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Dog Guarding Tornado Victim Returned To Owner (PHOTO)



Dog Guarding Tornado Victim Returned To Owner (PHOTO)

Dog Guarding Tornado Victim Returned To Owner (PHOTO)

Dog Guarding Dead Tornado Victim Returned to Owner

A disheveled dog found in the rubble of this week’s devastating tornado aftermath in Moore, Oklahoma was thought to have been guarding the dead body of his deceased owner, the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office reported in a Facebook post Wednesday evening.

In a message posted on Facebook, the OCSO described how the dog was found standing over a deceased individual:

May 20, 2013 we posted this picture of a dog on our Twitter account “scared, but this little pup survived”. Today we found out the story behind the picture. The dog was standing guard over a deceased individual, possibly it’s owner, in Moore following the tornado there. The dog was taken to a shelter and the deputy who found the pup, if possible, plans on adopting the dog. Man’s best friend to the end.

The story made national headlines and reminded many pet owners just why dogs have been honored over the years for their fierce loyalty to mankind. Sheriff’s deputies assumed that the multi-breed black dog was standing watch over the body of the man who was once its owner. But after further investigation, it was discovered that the dog, whose name is “Susie”, is actually owned by another resident of Moore who lives about half a mile from where the dog was discovered guarding the dead man.

Susie has since been returned to her rightful owner, a man identified only by his first name of Curtis, who was overjoyed to find that his best canine friend as alive and well.

“‘Susie’ and Curtis live about a 1/2 mile from where she was found by our deputy and Curtis has no idea why she stood guard of the victim whom he did not know,” the OCSO wrote. “It was an emotional reunion between ‘Susie’ and Curtis, one we were glad to have been a part of.”

The fact that Susie was guarding someone she had no relationship with doesn’t minimize the wonderful way she protected the man who had become another fatality after an F-5 storm barreled through the area just south of Oklahoma City. Local authorities are asking that anyone who wants to honor Susie’s heroic efforts make a donation to the Humane Society of Central Oklahoma.

Not the only great dog story following the tragic Tornado

In the aftermath of the devastating tornado Barbara Garcia, retired, has something to be thankful for in addition to her life and that is her pet dog also survived.

Mrs. Garcia said she was sitting down with her dog Bessie in her arms when the Tornado destroyed her home. Garcia emerged from the rubble unharmed but found no trace of her beloved Bessie.

As she was being interviewed by a local TV film crew outside the rubble of her home, the reporter behind the microphone said, “A dog! A dog!” as she pointed at some rubble under which lay a muted and still grey terrier.

Upon seeing the dog, Barbara began tender expressions of joy and concern for her pet dog as she tried to lift up the debris eventually asking for help from the camera crew. As they lifted up some corrugated steel, the dog got up on its legs and gently walked out and towards its owner who took it into her arms.

Mrs. Garcia said her prayer was that she survive, but thanked God that her prayer for her pet dog was also answered.

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