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Duck Dynasty Pay: Robertson Clan Get Massive Pay Bump



Duck Dynasty Pay Raise For New Season: Robertson Clan Get Massive Pay Bump

Duck Dynasty Pay Raise For New Season: Robertson Clan Get Massive Pay Bump

A&E’s popular reality TV show “Duck Dynasty” is set for the season premiere on August 14 with the cast earning a huge pay bump.

E! Online explains:

Louisiana’s bayou royalty will now be rewarded with a whopping $200,000-plus per episode to be divided amongst the nine adults and 11 kids on the show. Can you imagine how many camo pants and beard brushes you could buy with that much money?! Additionally, it looks like A&E has secured the Robertsons for additional seasons of the record-breaking reality series.

The season-three finale of Duck Dynasty snagged a jaw-dropping 9.6 million viewers, making it the most watched A&E telecast ever.

Season 4 of “Duck Dynasty” to Get Another Family Member

Meanwhile, the new season will feature a new family member in Rev.

Alan Robertson, the eldest son in the family. Robertson, age 47, is stepping down from his ministry to handle the family’s PR appearances. It’s not that Robertson has grown weary of spreading the Good Word.

Quite to the contrary, Robertson believes he can reach a wider audience via the show. Speaking to the New York Post, he explained that the television show will let him touch more people that he could otherwise do. The show has been a huge ratings winner for the A&E network. In fact, it’s their highest rated show ever. Last season saw ratings as high as 9.6 million in viewers with more than half in the coveted 25-54 demographic.

It remains to be seen how open those viewers are to being evangelized. Thus far, Robertson has avoided much of the attention that his family members have received. He has been able to go to coffee shops and other locations without drawing any attention. Robertson is likely headed for a big surprise given the immense popularity of the show since first airing in the spring of 2012.

Duck Dynasty Pay Raise


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