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Fan charged for cyber stalking Sophie Monk



Sophie Monk’s Cyberstalker Arrested

On December 19, 30-year-old James McCabe of Tasmania was arrested by police after more than five years of cyber-stalking 34-year old Australian actress Sophie Monk.

Over the years, McCabe sent approximately 150 terrifying tweets to Monk on the social network Twitter. In these posts, McCabe made detailed sexual comments and told Monk that he hoped his comments would save her.

When Monk moved back to Australia in 2013, McCabe’s harassing tweets increased. After McCabe started tweeting death threats, Monk finally involved the police.

Monk is believed to be the first celebrity from Australia to take legal action against a cyber-stalker. In an interview, she revealed that McCabe’s posts frightened her so much that she couldn’t sleep without a light on.

James McCabe reportedly suffers from schizophrenia. He told the Daily Telegraph (AU) that he used to be a drug addict, but that Monk’s life story and music inspired him to turn his life around.

He stated that he is “grateful” for the police involvement because it forced him to stop when he couldn’t stop himself. He admitted that this isn’t the first time he had to cancel an account with Twitter because of his illness.

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Overzealous fan charged with harassing Sophie Monk

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