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Lady Gaga ex book lawsuit: Gaga’s Ex Not Cool With Portrayal In Book



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Lady Gaga ex book lawsuit:  Gaga's Ex Not Cool With Portrayal In Book

Lady Gaga ex book lawsuit: Gaga’s Ex Not Cool With Portrayal In Book

Lady Gaga’s Ex-Boyfriend Threatens to Sue Over Negative Portrayal in Book

Not many people are aware who Lüc Carl is and what role the heavy-metal drummer and radio personality played in Lady Gaga’s life. However, according to a new book called “Rivington Was Ours” by Brendon Jay Sullivan, a longtime friend of Gaga’s, Carl was the dark villain of her past that helped make her into what she is today.

Apparently, Carl is not thrilled about being portrayed that way in the book and has sent Sullivan and publisher HarperCollins legal letters expressing his outrage. He is threatening to sue. So just how bad a villain was Carl? According to the book, he controlled who Stefani Germanotta AKA Lady Gaga could have contract with and where she could spend her time. During his time as a drummer, girls would fawn over him which compelled Germanotta to dye her hair blond to please him. He also was said to have told her he hoped she would fail in her own music career which is supposedly what motivated her to succeed.

However, none of this explains why Gaga maintains blond hair. Why pay tribute to her so-called villain if she despised the treatment? Also, how did this compel her to underpay her friend and former assistant Jennifer O’Neill forcing her to sue for unpaid overtime? Maybe Carl the “villain” can uncover the real villain should he decide to sue.

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