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Realestate Heiress Accused of Stabbing her life Coach



heiress accused of stabbing her life coach
heiress accused of stabbing her life coach

heiress accused of stabbing her life coach Photo by Mark A. Taff. See

NYC Heiress Stabs Life Coach with Fork

Adding new meaning to the catch phrase “stick a fork in it; it’s done”, Joselyn Wohl, wealthy heiress to a real estate magnate, attacked her life coach with a fork. The attack left the life coach, Sajjadur Rahman, with a small metal fragment in his hand.

The attack took place inside the $4 million home of the heiress and caught Rahman completely off guard. It wasn’t as if they were arguing and something uttered in the heat of the moment provoked Wohl.

Instead, Rahman was seated at the dinner table eating a meal when Wohl jumped up and attacked him. Instinctively, he raised his arm to protect himself and suffered injuries to his arm. His medical bills are now in the thousands.

‘It was a defensive move. If he hadn’t gotten his hand up, she would have stabbed him in the face,’ Rahman’s attorney Eric Richmon told the New York Post.

‘Without just cause or provocation, Joselyn Wohl intentionally struck, battered and assaulted,’ Rahman writes in his filing obtained by the Post.

Wohl, age 33, has a history of drug abuse and only six months ago tried to strangle her sober coach, Heather McKean, whom she later pushed down a concrete flight of steps. McKean suffered multiple injuries and is awaiting an operation to fuse vertebrae in her back.

The cause of the altercation with McKean was that she tried to talk sense into Wohl who was bent on engaging in an activity that would likely cause her to relapse.

Joselyn Wohl’s family hired the sobriety coach for her, lawyer, Bryan Swerling said.

“She was hired by the Wohls, Denise and Larry, to spend time with her daughter, who obviously had some issues,” Swerling told the website. “One day Joselyn made up her mind she didn’t want Heather around anymore and attacked her on the stairwell and yanked her down the stairs.”

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