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jared leto: “Jennifer Lawrence Is Fall Faker”



Jennifer Lawrence denies Oscar

jared leto jennifer lawrence

jared leto jennifer lawrence

Jared Leto Wonders Jennifer Lawrence of Staging Her Fall at the Oscars

Actor Jared Leto, who recently won the Oscar for this supporting role in the film “The Dallas Buyers Club”, wondered out loud if Jennifer Lawrence isn’t staging her falls at the Oscars after all. It appears that the 42-year-old actor from Bossier City, Louisiana, enjoys ribbing fellow actors, but it’s all in good fun.

When Lawrence took to the stage during the Oscars, she noticed Leto and his family carrying on like the cartoon characters Heckle and Jekyll. Lawrence, not understanding that Ellen DeGeneres was on the sidelines imitating Lawrence tumbling, openly asked Leto what was the matter. Lawrence let Leto know she was keeping an eye on him.

For his part, Leto let Access Hollywood know that his laughter was likely related to his “low village” roots from Northwest Louisiana. He made it clear that fame can take a Louisiana native out of his home state, but it can’t take Louisiana out of his heart.

Leto has won numerous awards during his long acting career, but until this recent Oscar nomination, he hadn’t been nominated for any award that was substantive beyond the MTV Awards which are not exactly known for being of the same caliber as an Emmy, BAFTA, or an Oscar nominations.


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