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Jennifer Lawrence Battled Anxiety Growing Up



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Jennifer Lawrence Battled Anxiety Growing Up

Jennifer Lawrence Battled Anxiety Growing Up

Jennifer Lawrence is likely the most successful actress in Hollywood at this time gaining both critical acclaim for her acting skills and box office successes at movie theaters globally. She recently gave an interview to Madame Figaro, a French magazine, and she confessed that growing up she struggled with anxiety and a constant feeling of “worthlessness”.

She said as a young child, her nickname was “Nitro” due to her energy level being akin to the explosive substance nitroglycerin. However, that energy disappeared once she began attending school. In part, it was due to her believing she was not a smart enough student. While she didn’t lack friends, she did feel “stupid”. She wryly commented that some people are stupid but they grow out of that phase. She elaborated that she is an example of a person outgrowing a stupid phase.

In an interview for Vogue, she confessed that she had social anxiety as a child. She loathed recess or field trips because she did not want to interact with other people. Lawrence explained these feelings were partly driven because her sense of humor was different from her peers. The first “Hunger Games” film took in nearly $700 million in box office receipts. Reviews for the latest installment describe the film as “Epic”. The film will show in US theaters starting this week.

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