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jennifer aniston justin theroux wedding: Aniston Picks Best Man For Wedding



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Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Pick Best Man For Wedding

Aniston and Theroux Choose Best Man for Upcoming Wedding

A-list actress Jennifer Aniston and fiancé Justin Theroux haven’t said much about their upcoming wedding. In fact, this silence lead to rumors of the couple breaking up. Aniston recently addressed this rumor and stated they haven’t talked much about the wedding because they are looking for the right time and the right place. Fortunately, the couple seem to have found the right best man. The honor goes to Aniston’s brother Alex, says someone close to the family.

A family insider told the National ENQUIRER magazine: “AJ is exactly the kind of person that security would throw out of Jen’s wedding. Instead he’ll be front and centre at the ceremony.

“Justin feels that having AJ act as his best man at the wedding will give him an anchor in the family. There’s no doubt that AJ is quirky, but he’s got a good heart and Jen does love him.”

Although his father, John Aniston was an actor, Alex, called A.J. by family and friends, avoids the spotlight as much as possible. In fact, he went from 2004-2013 without being seen publicly.

The same source that revealed the choice of A.J. for best man also states that “the couple wants a small, low-key wedding.”

Aniston was married to actor Brad Pitt in 2000 in a lavish ceremony.

The insider explained: “Jen hated her wedding to Brad Pitt. It was too big and incredibly stressful.

“This time she wants a small family affair and she wants to go the extra mile to let her father see that she is still happy at last. And she knows that including his son would make him happiest.”

Aniston is best known for her role as Rachel in the TV series Friends.

Aniston has also starred in several films, mostly romantic comedies. Theroux has never been married.He is best known for his role in American Psycho. Theroux has also had guest spots in several TV shows, including Ally McBeal and Parks and Recreation.

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Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Pick Best Man For Wedding