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jaime pressly, estella warren involved in bar fight?



jaime pressly, estella warren involved in bar fight?

jaime pressly, estella warren involved in bar fight?

jaime pressly, estella warren involved in bar fight? (photo courtesy

Police Question Jaime Pressley and Estella Warren Following Argument

Estella Warren possibly purloined a purse belonging to Jaime Pressley’s assistant and the two got involved in a fight this past Friday.

Earlier in the evening, both Pressley age 35 and Warren age 42 attended a birthday party.

Afterwards, the guests disbursed with everyone going their own way.

That is until Pressley’s assistant realized her purse containing her cell phone had gone missing.

Pressley and her assistant used a “find my phone” application to track the phone’s location and by extension the purse. According to the phone tracker application, the assistant’s phone was in the Bootsy Bellows nightclub.

They found both the purse and phone in the possession of Estella Warren. Warren refused to turn over the purse even though it was obvious the belongings weren’t hers.

A source tells Us Weekly:

Things got “crazy” after Pressly and her assistant discovered that the assistant’s purse had gone missing at the original party location, a house in L.A. Using one of those “find my phone” apps, the pair reportedly tracked the bag to Bootsy Bellows, where Warren and several other party guests (including Zac Efron and Adam Lambert) were continuing the celebration.

As both Warren and Pressly argued, drugs were found in the purse, and that’s when the police got involved. It was at that point that both women denied ownership of the drugs.

In fact, both women were willing to take a drug test to prove the drugs weren’t theirs (although all that would prove is the absence of drugs in their bodies).

There is no word yet on the outcome of the police investigation.

Source material:

Jaime Pressly, Estella Warren Questioned by Police After Fight at Hollywood Hotspot Bootsy Bellows

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