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Jodie Foster Dating Ellen’s Ex?



Jodie Foster Dating Ellen's Ex?

Jodie Foster Dating Ellen’s Ex?

Jodie Foster and Ellen DeGeneres’ Ex Find Love

50-year-old actress Jodie Foster has not been seeing anyone since she broke up with her partner of fifteen years Cydney Bernard back in 2008. Foster remains close with Bernard and even thanked her for her support during her acceptance speech for the Cecile B. DeMille Award at this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

Now, Foster reveals that she has been dating photographer Alexandra Hedison age 44. Hedison was the love interest of actress Ellen DeGeneres for the period 2001 to 2004. The relationship marks the first one for both women since breaking up with their previous partners.

By all accounts, Foster and Hedison are very much in love with one another. Given the changes in marriage laws since the time both were last involved in relationships, there is the possibility that the two can marry if they so desire.

It is rumored that Ellen DeGeneres dumped Hedison in favor of actress Portia De Rossi to whom DeGeneres later married. Regardless of the reasons why, Hedison’s relationship with Foster is real. Foster was well known for being a lesbian, but hadn’t publicly announced it until this past Emmy Awards celebration. While the announcement wasn’t news, Foster wanted to let the world know her sexual orientation formally.

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