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Katy Perry Wont Strip off Like Miley or Rihanna



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Katy Perry Wont Strip off Like Miley or Rihanna

Katy Perry Wont Strip off Like Miley or Rihanna

Katy Perry “Too Old” for Strip Off

The practice of performing a “strip off” IE dawning a skimpy outfit is something which singer Katy Perry says she’s now too old for as she is nearing her 29th birthday.

In her latest music video, “Roar”, Perry is stripped off in a leopard skin bikini of sorts. There was nothing in video to suggest that she is anything short of “hot”. However, the black haired beauty from Santa Monica, California, says she wants people to focus on her music and less on her body. Apparently, Perry has matured and may be transitioning away from the types of outfits she has worn in the past.

Perry was quick to suggest that if she had the body of 25-year-old singer Rihanna, she too would not only strip off but wear every outfit she wears. This past three years have presented Perry with many difficulties largely stemming from the breakup of her marriage to actor Russell Brand.

Perry has revealed that the marriage dissolved over the issue of having children and he gave her a divorce notice via a text message. After that text, he did not speak to her any more. In the painful aftermath of the divorce, she had contemplated taking her life.

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