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Katy Perry Prayed For Boobs



Katy Perry Prayed For Boobs

Katy Perry Prayed For BoobKaty Perry Prayed For Boobss

Katy Perry Says God Answered Her Prayer for Boobs

Katy Perry dished some shocking personal news when she sat down with GQ for their February issue. The revelations spanned several newsworthy categories, but the proclamation that is receiving the largest amount of attention pertains to the remarks she made about her breasts.

The curvy pop-star revealed that the power of prayer is responsible for her ample bosom. She recounted a memorable moment as a child when she asked God to grant her gigantic boobs that could obscure her feet from vision even while she was lying on her back. Lo and behold, her chest suddenly burst out to reach infamous proportions by age 11.

The sensual singer also addressed the totality of her natural form. She claims to eschew plastic surgery from a feminist perspective, and she would much rather flaunt her figure au naturel. Regarding the preservation of her biologically fantastic frame, Perry says she has avoid artificial enhancements everywhere. In her words, “Not a nose, not a chin, not a cheek, not a tit.”

According to the lengthy interviews, Perry’s massively engorged bust helped her lose her virginity at age 16. That is truly something a good Christian girl should pray for. The world is thankful that God came through to bestow her vivacious wishes.

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Katy Perry Prayed For Boobs

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